Outstanding Waste Management Solutions

Based in the North East, Telcoss Ltd offers a professional service for identifying, packing, labelling, and collection of all types of industrial waste. We are waste management experts and we pride ourselves on offering a professional service. The service provides cost-effective, efficient options for the safe and compliant removal of non-hazardous and hazardous waste removals, both difficult and routine. Call now to find out more!

Waste Management Services 


✔ A total waste management solution 

✔ Hazardous / Non-hazardous waste removal 

✔ Bulk / Curtain Sider waste collections 

✔ Waste drum delivery, collection, transport and disposal 

✔ Contaminated soil removal 

✔ Chemically infused water disposal 

✔ Oils, diesels and coolants removal 

✔ Leachate removal 

✔ Site Surveys

✔ Skip services

✔ WEEE waste collection, transport and removal. 

Materials will be identified by the customer or listed by our staff and packed in compatible combinations. Alternatively, where the wastes are clearly defined, these waste types can be listed prior to the delivery of the appropriate U.N approved containers.


Due to the nature of the task in hand, our team are qualified chemists who are kept current and up to date with ever-changing legislation. Once packaged, the waste is then removed to an appropriate waste management centre where treatment, recycling, and final disposal are undertaken.