Trust Our Drivers And Articulated Vehicles

When you choose Telcoss Ltd, our experienced, trained drivers ensure the safe collection and transportation of your waste. We can even load the waste onto our vehicles with our mounted fork truck service for your convenience. Our goal is to provide a complete service, and that starts with this collection solution. From large bulk loads to small laboratory collections, our MTA team vehicle can deal with them all, so call us now!

What We Provide


♻ Articulated Vehicles


♻ Rigid Tankers from 2,000 up to 5,500 Gallons


♻ Stainless Steel, Lined Barrels for Corrosive Waste


♻ Flatbeds for Drum and Pallet Collections

♻ Curtain Siders for palletised waste


Tankers for Flammable and Low-Flash Point Waste