Engineering & Asset Management

Telcoss Industrial Services are proud to announce

We are now able to provide both Continuous Business Improvement services along with Maintenance & Reliability Engineering support.

For most organisations operating in the 21st century, safety and production sustainability are quickly becoming the two main areas of operations which require the most scrutiny, especially for those who may have used the phrase: "We have always done it this way".

Telcoss Industrial Services are in a position to offer independent 3rd party consultancy services to support change management and work towards a proactive approach to asset care.



We have the skills and competence within our team to help with:

Maintenance Management Assessment
✔Planned Maintenance Scheduling
✔Planned Maintenance Activity Planning
✔Reactive Maintenance Management
✔Criticality Assessments
✔Condition Based Maintenance Assessments
✔Predictive Maintenance Programs
✔Maintenance Audits
✔Execution Process Improvement
✔Root Cause Analysis
✔Business Efficiency Improvement
✔Continuous Improvement

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